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3 Level Installation & Decommission

Scope: The first phase of this project, Wal-Tek was contracted to knock-down their existing furniture among 3 floors to store this product inside trailers staged at site for construction. Once construction was on the way, Wal-Tek went back to site to receive and install 3 floors of new product consisting of new offices, workstations, training rooms, conference rooms and ancillary throughout.

The client utilized existing product throughout consisting of file cabinets and seating. The new scope consisted of 450+ workstations, 70+ private offices and 20+ conference/training rooms.

Wal-Tek's commitment to client: Our client had a tightened deadline to move from another location to this new location.  Wal-Tek's field crew worked alongside the GC to pivot our daily work to stay ahead of schedule and ensure we kept up with the other trades on their scopes. Daily communication with the GC was essential with prioritizing areas and deploying multiple crews on separate floors as needed.



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