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Why Companies Should be Conscious of Their Electronics Disposal

E-waste makes up only 2% of our landfills but 70% of our toxic fumes. With technology changing every day, it can be difficult to not innovate with new products and utilize the newest technology. With this in mind, it creates a greater turnover of electronics that are no longer of use to the original consumer. It is more important now than ever to understand the impact e-waste has on our environment and the outcome if we do not change our actions.

The Environmental Protection Agency encourages all electronic recyclers to become certified to meet specific standards. Currently the R2 and E-Stewards certifications are accredited standards backed by the EPA. To have either certification means the recycler has advanced management practices, offers a way to assess the environmental impact and a process that maximizes the reuse or recycling of electronics. The most effective way for business leaders, property managers, etc. to forward this message on is to talk about it within their network. This issue can be tackled with knowledge behind the impact of e-waste and how responsible recycling is the solution to help our Earth.

Our partnered services at Wal-Tek are R2 certified and adaptable to our clients to create the best solution for them and our environment.

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