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What is an E-Recycling service?

Wal-Tek, Inc., offers a service to remove electronics from your facility and properly dispose of them. The environment is important to us, which is why we have invested time and resources to develop our e-recycling program. Our team can service multi-floor, electronic decommissions. Refer to our list of prohibited items, which can be removed by special request and at additional charges.

Why our E-Recycling service?

Our partnership is R2 certified. R2 certification (sometimes referred to as responsible recycling certification) is a company-level certification based on the R2 standard overseen by the R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The standard is described as "Responsible Recycling ("R2") Practices for Use in Accredited Certification Programs for Electronics Recyclers." 


The standard requires certified companies to have a policy on managing used and end-of-life electronic equipment, components and materials based on strategies such as reuse, materials and energy recovery and/or disposal. Our e-recyling service also provides an unique environmental report and a certificate of destruction.

Does Wal-Tek, Inc., offer a routine pickup schedule?

Wal-Tek offers routine scheduled pickups to better suit our customers requirements. We also provide reusable containers for ease of collection and convenience.

How much does an E-recycling service cost?

Our pricing is calculated by combining travel, labor and number of recyclables and supplied to our customers at a straightforward rate. Proposals are generated with a zip code and quantity of electronics.

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