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How To Properly Dispose of Your Old Printer

The Wal-Tek team is often asked to dispose of old printers that either no longer

work or as of use to the client. Our clients don't often see our process on the backend

to properly dispose of them, they only see our team ridding these hefty printers

out of their sight!

Once these printers are in our possession we go through a two-part checklist to

properly dispose of these electronics.

1. Donations

a. We will reach out to donation companies, non-profit organizations, etc. if

they can extend the useful life of these printers. This allows us to bring

value to two parties, removing the client's unwanted product and provide

an useful product to a new party.

2. Recycling/Refurbishing Companies

a. If either, we can't find a company to extend the useful life of the printer or

it no longer works, we will reach out to our developed partnerships with

e-recycling companies. These companies will either recycle the printer to

avoid landfills and safe environment practices. Some of our partners will

also refurbish these printers to extend their useful life and bring an economic solution to young companies, non-profit organizations, etc..

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