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Questions to Ask to Create Job Scopes

When creating our job scopes, we group into three categories: building,

trucking and labor information.

Building information is created for the overall scope starting with any

deadlines for the job itself. If we have a tight deadline, this will require us to

put more carpenters on a daily basis to finish the job sooner. Building

management will then come into the scope with a COI, any security clearance

needed and any protection needed for the property. Elevator time blocks and

sizes will affect this efficiency as well and create a notice needed for our team

to use the elevators.

Trucking information is then developed into two categories: dock and

street unload. A street unload will require us to use a truck with a lift-gate. A

dock unload will need size specifications for specific sized trucks and if we

need any clearance for the use of dock times.

Labor information is the last factor we use to create our job scopes. Start

and end times are the biggest factor that can affect the overall job. This will

entail how much work can ultimately be done in a working day. Many times

our team will work along with other contractors on the same site, requiring us

to plan ahead for efficiency. The product being serviced is then noted for any

special tools, equipment or hardware that is needed.

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