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Why Decommission Jobs Can Require More Creativity than Installation Jobs

The consensus is that decommission jobs are easier than installation jobs because when dealing with used product, it doesn’t require as much proper care as new product. However, many of our client’s re-purpose used furniture from these jobs, which requires us to treat it as if it was new to allow them to extend the useful life of the furniture. If our client’s intention is to repurpose the furniture of a decommission job, our team will do what it takes to take care of this furniture, even if that means double handling product.

Installation jobs are almost always based off a drawing or in-depth product list and product is delivered to our warehouse. A floor plan or product list is managed by our project coordinators to create a daily and weekly labor scope to effectively finish the job. With product coming to our warehouse, we also have more control around trucking and more effectively manage the job scope that can be tied around product delivery.

Decommission jobs aren’t always able to provide the same amount of information and specifications that installation jobs provide. The Wal-Tek team takes pride in tackling the unknown and working through jobs to create solutions.

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