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How to Prepare for the Moving of Personal Office Items

Moving personal items from your office can be a headache if not properly planned. The Wal-Tek team can provide all supplies to help reduce any of these setbacks during a move. We offer a rental service for rent-a-crates, four-wheel dollies and more! The first step is developing a general product list of items you are looking to move. Using banker boxes for files and rent-a-crates for miscellaneous items, are some of the solutions that can be used to make your office move easier.

Fragile items like monitors should take precautionary measures with bubble wrap, moving carpet and suitable boxes. When moving a full office of monitors, the Wal-Tek team will utilize a speed pack and create layers of monitors. Each monitor is placed in a direction to protect the screen from getting damaged and once the first layer is full, we place a small moving carpet over the monitors and then a piece of cardboard on top for a flat surface for the next layer of monitors. Each speed pack is stable to a four-wheel dolly for easy moving and to reduce any turbulence.

To smooth out any issues during your personal office move, plan ahead and utilize the equipment on the market!

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